Bible Correspondence Course

Bible Correspondence Course

Portraits Of Jesus

Jesus lived almost 2000 years ago, but even today people all over the world serve Him. We know this man primarily through four Bible books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Firsthand acquaintance with these writings will help us understand Jesus and His message.

This course surveys Mark’s narrative of Jesus’ life. As you study each lesson, please keep a Bible at your side so that you can verify what you are learning by the Scriptures. You will notice that Mark is divided into sixteen major sections (chapters), each of which contains small divisions (verses). When a notation like 5:12 is used in these lessons, you should look at the fifth chapter of Mark and the twelfth verse.

A couple of items before we get started: to profit most from these lessons you need an open heart to receive what Jesus taught and did. Allow His words to direct you as you read. A prayer for God’s guidance at the beginning and end of each study is recommended.

At the bottom of each lesson there is a link to a questionnaire. Please follow the link and answers the questions. If you don’t understand something mentioned in this course or in your reading of Mark, please feel free to submit your question to us on the final page of the questionnaire. We’ll be happy to answer it if we can.


  1. Authority Of Jesus
  2. Opposition to Jesus Grows
  3. Jesus Teaches in Parables
  4. Jesus Does the Impossible
  5. The Message Spreads
  6. Defective Spiritual Vision
  7. Jesus Accepts the Lowly
  8. Jesus vs. Jewish Leaders
  9. Last Teachings of Jesus
  10. Death, Burial, Resurrection
  1. Wed PM Bible Study
    6/19/24 07:00pm
  2. Sun AM Worship
    6/23/24 10:00am
  3. Sun PM Bible Study
    6/23/24 05:00pm
  4. Wed PM Bible Study
    6/26/24 07:00pm
  5. Sun AM Worship
    6/30/24 10:00am
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