Oldham Woods Church of Christ


Elders (also known in the New Testament as pastors, shepherds, bishops, or overseers) are responsible for the direction of the work and worship of the church. As shepherds and pastors, they are also responsible for the spiritual safety and development of each member of the congregation. Currently, there are four elders at Oldham Woods.

  • Bill Allison
  • Harold Bratton
  • Kevin Britt
  • Ron Morris

Deacons (in the New Testament it is variously translated as ministers or servants) are responsible for administering to the physical needs of the church. Currently, there are six deacons at Oldham Woods.

  • Alan Sadler
  • Craig Bratton
  • David Odle
  • Victor Osorio
  • Scott Reisch
  • Seth Slayton
  • GregOur Evangelist: Greg Gravitt